District Rules



The purpose behind LSGCD rules is to carry out the powers and duties provided by Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code to control subsidence, prevent degradation of water quality, or prevent waste of groundwater. A major objective of the rules is to establish a permitting program, which LSGCD carries out through well registration and permitting. All wells fall into one of two categories: Exempt or Non-Exempt

Regulatory Plan

The District Regulatory Plan identifies water planning options in the region which will facilitate the reduction of Montgomery County's reliance on groundwater. District staff and board members encourage a number of strategies to incorporate alternative water sources (AWS), including conservation, utilizing surface water, maximizing reclaimed water, incorporating rainwater catchment and tapping into the relatively unused Catahoula Aquifer. The District has also prepared a list of frequently asked questions about the District Regulatory Plan.

District By-Laws

District By-Laws outline the specific way in which the District operates, including information about board of director terms, quorums, and meetings.

District Management Plan

As part of state requirements, the District adopted its Management Plan, which was initially approved by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in 2003. This original plan, which was later updated and re-adopted in 2008 and again in 2013, forecasts future demands on Montgomery County’s available groundwater supplies, outlines the goals for management and conservation, and sets forth the steps needed to achieve these goals.

The overarching goal of the Management Plan is to address the Desired Future Conditions (DFCs) for groundwater in Montgomery County. The District’s vision is to manage the groundwater resources so that, in the near future, the amount of groundwater produced from the Gulf Coast Aquifer is no more than the average annual effective recharge to the Gulf Coast Aquifer System. Only upon achievement of this equilibrium will the water resources for Montgomery County be managed on a truly sustainable basis.


The Investment Policy & Investment Strategies establishes the principles and criteria by which the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District shall invest its public funds to ensure the safety and protection of these funds at all times while providing adequate liquidity for all District cash flow demands and optimizing the District’s investment returns.  Pursuant to Chapter 2256 of the Texas Government Code and Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code, the District is required to review its Investment Policy & Investment Strategies at least annually and adopt a resolution confirming the continuance of the Policy without amendment or adopt an Amended Investment Policy & Investment Strategies. 

Diagram showing LSGCD's plans for aquifer usage and planning.


Draft Rules

Below are previous versions of the Proposed Draft Rules, along with past workshop agendas.